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What Are The Factors That Damage Your Car’s Paint?

What Are The Factors That Damage Your Car’s Paint?

Paint finishing a car by AutoService Man

Keeping your vehicle’s paint in tip-top shape will keep your car looking beautiful and in excellent condition. Our Auto body repair shop in Federal Way will help in that. But, the car’s paint is constantly under attack from many environmental factors. This is what we are going to see in this blog.

Here are everyday factors, which damage your car’s paint:

  1. Sunlight: As you know UV rays cause your skin to age prematurely, like that, the effect of sunlight will dull and fade the vehicle paint finishing.
  2. Tree Sap: Tree sap contains chemicals that can interact with your car’s painted surface and leave your car covered in sap. This can’t be easily cleaned by DIY techniques.
  3. Bird Droppings: The bird droppings will be full of hard seeds, acidic berries, and other grainy bits that can dull and scratch the paint on your car.
  4. Splattered Bugs: Windshield splattered bugs are annoying; they damage your car’s windshield as well the body paint. If you ignore it the result could become permanently etched into the surface.
  5. Scraping or Chipping at Snow or Ice: In winter, the chipping away of snow and ice is necessary and it cause paint damage. Winter is on the way, so make sure you’re not going to scraping the snow with your car’s paint.
  6. Dirt Roads & Construction Zones: Loose gravel and dirt is on the road, which is unavoidable. But, try to avoid passing through construction zones and dirt roads. It will go a long way in protecting your paint.

Solution for These Problems:

Contact the leading auto painting shop in Federal Way to set up your appointment today. We will take care of your vehicle and get rid of any paint issues you may have.


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